Electronic Art and Intermedia New Forms of Research and Creative Activity

John Fillwalk

Time and Location: Thursday March 31  10:00 -11:30 at Union, Second Floor Parler C

Title: Hybrid Spaces: Intermedial Approaches to Physical and Virtual Environments


The Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University is an interdisciplinary group of artists, scholars and designers creating interfaces and installations that bridge physical and virtual environments. This presentation will survey our hybrid reality artworks employing technologies including client-side interaction, web service API’s, media streaming, web servers, immersive environments and sensor-based opportunities for human/computer interaction.

John Fillwalk is the director of the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts [IDIAlab] at Ball State University – an interdisciplinary and collaborative hybrid reality design studio exploring the intersections of art, science and technology. He is an internationally recognized figure in the research, design and culture of hybrid art forms –as an intermedia artist and academic, he works and mentors in media including video, interactive installation, and virtual reality. He is president of the Hans Breder Foundation – an international non-profit for the study and sponsorship of interdisciplinary art projects. He has received numerous grants, awards, commissions and fellowships – his work has been exhibited internationally at numerous festivals, galleries and museums. His most notable exhibitions include SIGGRAPHs, CYNETart, Synthese, 404 Festival, SIGGRAPH Asia, ASCI Digital 02, Digital Sur Festival, and Dutch Design Week.

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