Electronic Art and Intermedia New Forms of Research and Creative Activity

Robert Root-Bernstein

Time and Location: Thursday March 31,  12:30 -2:00 at Union, Second Floor Parler C

Title: ArtScience: Personal Reflections on a New Old Field


What is ArtScience? How did it evolve? How did I become interested in it? Why is it worth pursuing? How do I use it in my life and work? Where might it take us? And why does it scare the *&#> out some people?

Robert Root-Bernstein is a scientist, humanist, and artist. He earned his A.B. in Biochemistry and Ph. D. in History of Science from Princeton University, combining the two as a post-doctoral fellow with Jonas Salk at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. A MacArthur Fellowship encouraged his multidisciplinary activities so that he is now a Professor of Physiology at MSU and also studies and teaches about creative process in the sciences and arts. He is author of four books, including two directly addressing educational issues: Discovering (Harvard University Press, 1989), which examines the differences in thinking and training between average and exceptional scientists; and with his wife Michele Root-Bernstein, Sparks of Genius (Houghton Mifflin, 1999), a treatise on how to incorporate creativity into the curriculum. Sparks of Genius became a best-seller and was voted the “Book of the Year” by all three major Korean newspapers when it was translated in 2008.

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