Electronic Art and Intermedia New Forms of Research and Creative Activity


Introduction to Electronic Art

This is an introductory electronic and experimental art production course designed to explore the intersection of technology and culture. Lectures, demonstrations and screenings will cover the practical and conceptual use of computers by visual artists. […cont.]

Advanced Electronic Art and Intermedia Workshop

This course is an advanced course where students present their own ongoing research and creative projects within an interdisciplinary framework. Enrolled student help shape the trajectory of the class, which will create an environment where students evolve conceptually, theoretically and aesthetically.  […cont]

Experiments in Digital Video

This course will provide an introduction to the skills and concepts used in digital video production. It will include exposure to industry standard equipment, terminology, and digital video production skills in an experimental arts context. Basic research areas will include: field production and electronic image gathering, lighting, basic non-linear editing, installation and alternative video content delivery. […cont.]

Digital Fabrication and Interactive Environments

Interactive Environments and Digital Fabrication is a hands-on studio course designed to introduce students to 3D modeling, visualization, 3D prototyping and fabrication using CNC and rapid prototyping tools. The ultimate goal of the course is to use an extended 3D tool set and research practice that will result in the conceptualization of installations, objects, sculpture and other intermedial art forms.

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