Electronic Art and Intermedia New Forms of Research and Creative Activity

About EAI

Electronic Art and Intermedia is a new, emerging area of study within the MSU Department of Art, Art History and Design that explores new forms of artistic output brought about by new technologies.  EAI builds on the historical philosophy of Intermedia, a philosophy that historically explored the intersection among art disciplines. Expanding on this framework that described the fusion of art genres (which are now ubiquitous) EAI applies this model within the academy more broadly to encourage new forms of research and creative activity. EAI encourages and facilitates collaborations with students and faculty across different disciplines, both within and outside of the arts.

EAI Director

Adam Brown is an internationally recognized conceptual artist whose work incorporates art and science hybrids including robotics, molecular chemistry and emerging technologies that take the form of installation, interactive objects, video, performance and photography.

His work has appeared in SigGraph, Archival to the Contemporary, Six Decades of the Sculptors Guild and the Brazilian Biennial in Sao Paulo: Emoção
Art.ficial 5.0. He  was recently appointed as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University, and serves as an Artist in Residence for the Michigan State University BEACON (Bio/Computational Evolution in Action Consortium) project. In the Spring 2011 semester Professor Brown will offer a new transdisciplinary course, Electronic Art & Intermedia Workshop, bringing together graduate students from Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry and Art.  Professor Brown earned his M.F.A. from the University of Iowa in Intermedia and Video Art.

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